Hotels. Where to Stay in Baton Rouge.


Baton Rouge offers a wide range of hotels to fit most every taste and pocketbook.
- Stay close to the parade route? Just how close do you want to be? There are accommodations within walking distance and many others a short ride away.
- Looking for family-friendly accommodations? Most hotels in Baton Rouge are family-friendly.
- Want to enjoy all that Downtown offers? Downtown is around 15 minutes (maybe not on parade day) from the parade route. There are great restaurants, watering holes and entertainment to be found there.
- Experience the LSU area first hand? You may want to check out the Lod Cook hotel!
- Blow it out at a Casino & Spa Getaway? We have several casinos in our city... Some closer to the parade route than others. They each offer visitors something different.

All of this and more is available in Baton Rouge. If you are just coming for the night or the weekend or will make it a little longer getaway... We are glad you are making The Wearin' of the Green Parade part of your itinerary.

Follow this link to Visit Baton Rouge to choose the hotel best for you.

Visit Baton Rouge is Baton Rouge, LA's visitor and convention center. Talk to them about the best place to stay!

If it is a weekday call VBR at either 1.800.LA.ROUGE or 225.383.1825 to speak with an information specialist.

Baton Rouge Marriott is close to the Parade Route high rise hotel.