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Scottish & Irish Groups

Scottish & Irish Groups

Ever since the Scottish and Irish set foot in America, they have sought to connect with other Americans of similar descent.  Today, millions of Irish Americans continue to seek the companionship of other American Irish and embrace their Irish heritage through participation in Irish American organizations. These Baton Rouge Organizations provide local fellowship, comradery and a melding with those traditions. We are proud of our Baton Rouge Organizations.


The Baton Rouge Irish Club promotes, encourages and supports Irish Culture, through the fellowship of its members and events held throughout the year. Meeting the 3rd Wednesday of every month, the organization appeals to those in the Greater Baton Rouge Area. Events include the Shamrocks and Champagne Brunch where the Golden Harp award is given to an outstanding volunteer, the Bloomsday Celebration, our signatory B.R. Irish Film Festival in July, a Dinner Theatre, and our primary fund raising function, the Wine and Food Experience.

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