Frequently Asked Questions (Parade FAQ's)


Parade Questions

What time does the parade start?   10am CST sharp

How long do you expect the parade to last?  You can expect 2 - 3 hours. 

Is there a festival?  No, visit our EVENTS PAGE to see what area businesses & organizations have planned.

Will there be port-a-potties available along the route?  Yes, information is posted on our site.

Will anyone televise the parade?   WBRZ TV has carried it live the last few years. You may still be able to see it on our site, click here.

We are having a party. Will my friends be able to get to my house?  Yes. We ask that residents create an invitation with their name and address on it so it can be shown to officers in case the streets are closed off.  It should have your street address on it. Streets are barricaded by 9am.

What time do the streets close?  The cross streets where we stage the parade shut down by 6:30-7am however, the parade route itself closes in the hour preceding the start of the parade.

Where is the best place to watch the parade?  That depends on your age and if you have children.

Is there disabled access?  We have not been able to secure an area for disabled as of yet.

Is there parking available? Parking is a rarity in the area. Do not park on private property or commercial property unless you have written permission. .

Do you have any VIP or reserved seating for the parade?  No. We encourage you to bring your chairs, arrive early, and stake out a great place along the route.

I am a vendor and would like to sell things along the route, how do I do that?  We do not allow vending along the route. If you have specific concerns email us