Frequently Asked Parade Questions

What time does the St Pat's parade start?

It rolls at 10am CST sharp starting at Hundred Oaks and South Acadian Thruway.

How long do you expect the parade to last?

You can expect 2 - 3 hours from the start of wherever you are standing to watch it. So, if you start seeing it at 11:00, expect it to be finished by 1:30-2pm.

Will there be portapotties available along the route?

Yes, the locations of portable toilets are posted on our site. Ace Enterprises has provided portable restrooms for the life of the parade.

Will anyone televise the parade?

WBRZ TV has carried it live the last few years and live-streamed it on their platforms. You should be able to see it on our site. Visit Home Page | St Pat Parade | Watch From Home. You can also view previous parades in that section.

We are having a party. Will my friends be able to get to my house?

Yes, but they will need to get there early. The Shamrock Run takes place on Perkins Road up to Broussard starting from 8-9am. There will be a small window of time after the runners leave the route. We ask that residents create an invitation with their name and address on it so it can be shown to officers in case the streets are closed off. It should have your street address on it. If you can direct your friends to park off the route, they may be happiest.

What time do the streets close?

This depends on which streets you are referring to. We learned in 2019, that this decision is made by the local authorities in the days leading up to the parade and race. Please visit our Facebook page (/irishparade) and watch local news reports in the days preceding.- If you have specific concerns, email us your address and what you are wanting to do.

Where is the best place to watch the parade?

That depends on your age and if you have children. Areas after the Perkins Road Overpass are public. There are numerous eateries and heavy crowds. It is pretty much SRO (Standing Room Only). If your idea of the day is to bring snacks and chairs, you may find a place in the BREC Park area (midway along the route) or by the Catholic Life Center. Of course, most of the parade route is peppered with people's homes. If you choose not to join this outdoor event it is also live-streamed and televised by WBRZ TV.

Is there disabled access?

We have not been able to secure an area for disabled.

Is there parking available?

Parking is a rarity in the area. Do not park on private property or commercial property unless you have written permission.

Do you have any VIP or reserved seating for the parade?

No. We encourage you to bring your chairs, arrive early, and stake out a great place early along the route. Please note that although the parade does not start until 10am, the Shamrock Run takes place on a similar Perkins Road course and that begins at 8am.

I am a vendor and would like to sell things along the route, how do I do that?

We do not allow vending along the route. If you have specific concerns email us.

What if my Parade FAQs are not answered here?

Visit our Facebook Page (/irishparade) and send us a private message and we will answer.