New Orleans Pipe and Drums

Scottish Bagpipers have played a pivotal role in our parade since 1987 when the New Orleans Pipe and Drums played in our parade. Pictured below is Major Jeffrey Christman who marched in the parade and piped at the funeral of Bob Headlee. Pat Shingleton searched for the closest pipe bands and was happy that The Pipe and Drums of New Orleans would oblidge and play in the parade.

Jeff Christman Bagpipers  New Orleans Bagpipers


Baton Rouge Pipes and Drums

Baton Rouge Pipes and Drums is a strong Scottish bagpipe and drum band most of whom reside in Baton Rouge, Louisiana or close-by. Established in 2008 to play in the Wearin' of the Green, St. Patrick's Day Parade the group is a well-established but innovative band with a total of more than 100 years of combined experience Scottish piping and drumming! Scotland the Brave, Free and Independent. They are always looking for new and vibrant members to join their organization notes Pipe Major Dave Goldsmith. Baton Rouge Pipes and Drums offers instruction in bagpiping & drumming for all ages. Scottish heritage is not required, only an interest in learning.

Bagpipers Bagpipers Irish Dancing  Baton Rouge Bagpipers.


The Baton Rouge Caledonia Pipe and Drums were the first Baton Rouge pipe band to march in our parade starting in 1987. The Caledonian Society is a Scottish organization dedicated to teaching the very best soul stirring Highland bagpipe music. These bagpipers have received the Judges Award for Louisiana’s only pipe band competition from Bands across the South. Beginner and experienced musicians are always welcome.


Caledonian Society Bagpipers